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BuddhaLand Co.


Sustainable Bags


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Buddhaland Co. is a dedicated purveyor of sustainable and fashionable organic hemp bags and accessories. With a commitment to eco-friendly practices, Buddhaland Co. offers worry-free products crafted from high-quality hemp, ensuring both style and sustainability. Their offerings extend beyond mere fashion, as each item is imbued with the artisan traditions of Nepali women and their families, adding a unique and culturally rich touch to every piece.


For Buddhaland Co., our team spearheaded a comprehensive social media launch strategy, covering all aspects from content creation to execution. With a focus on design perspectives, we meticulously planned and executed content that resonated with the brand's ethos of sustainability and fashion-forwardness.

From ideation to planning, every step of the launch strategy was carefully crafted to showcase the uniqueness of Buddhaland Co.'s organic hemp bags and accessories. By leveraging compelling visuals and strategic messaging, we effectively communicated the brand's values and offerings to the target audience.

BuddhaLand Co
Sustainable bags - BuddhaLand Co
Sustainable bags - BuddhaLand Co
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